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Multi-pitch climbing 2 days

Escalade | Titou Guide Serre-Chevalier | Guide de haute montagne


The objective of this weekend is to discover the climbing of several pitches and to learn the different manipulations of ropes essential to be independent in multi-pitch climbing.

This weekend will take place in the region of Serre-chevalier, a high place of climbing with its many sectors, Cerces, Ailefroide, Tenailles du Montbrison, Tête d'aval etc...

You will be accompanied by a mountain guide from this area!

Day 1 After a little coffee and checking the equipment, head for the cliff. Morning: School cliff climbing to get to know each other, see the level and discover the different manipulations of ropes used in multi-pitch routes, belaying, relays, abseiling etc... Afternoon: Practice on a climb of 4 to 5 pitches

Day 2 Climbing of 8 to 12 lengths on one of the major sites of Briançonnais, Ailefroide, Cerces, Tenailles du Montbrison which we will choose together according to the level of the weather and desires.

Little debriefing of the weekend around a beer and separation.

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