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Mountain guide for almost 15 years in the Serre Chevalier valley.

I offer you my service, to lead you in Mountaineering, Climbing, Skiing or Ice climbing.

Whether you are a beginner, advanced or expert.

My job is to use all my experience to help you build a project and share its realization with maximum security.

Short presentation

Titou Guide Serre-Chevalier | Guide de haute montagne

Originally from Serre-Chevalier, I grew up in the Briançon area and settled there at the end of my studies.

Rather attracted by fly fishing and its rivers than by hiking in the mountains, I started mountaineering late in life. Like many children born in the mountains, I was still a bit of a climber and skier...
well really just a little...

It was at the age of 20 that I did my first mountain ascent with a friend.

His dad, a mountain guide
  had offered to follow him and his 2 clients to the crossing of La Meije.

I remember the picnic on the first day when Jean-Noël, the guide dad, after discussing abount mountains and this profession, asked me: “And you, Titou, wouldn't you like to be a guide?”.

Titou Guide Serre-Chevalier | Guide de haute montagne | ski de randonnée | SerreChevalier
qui suis je
Titou Guide Serre-Chevalier | Guide de haute montagne

I don't really know what I had answered but it's since that i started to think about it.

So I went back to the basics, the classic summits of the Écrins with my brother to get our experience, Roche Faurio, Neige Cordier, les Agneaux, Dôme and Barre des Ecrins...

Rock climbing routes, Tenailles du Monbrison, Tête d'Aval, Cerces, Ailefroide....

and then other summits, harder, longer routes, in all seasons...

Ski touring, ice climbing...

Finally at 26 I became an aspiring guide.
Since then, I practice this profession with passion.
In addition to the magical universe of the high mountains in which we evolve, it is the relationship with people that I like and fascinate me.

From various horizons, of different levels but all there for the same thing: to have fun in the mountains.

Watching people progress, find new goals,

Make beautiful tracks in a virgin slope, have a drink at the refuge after a beautiful day.

Have fun like kids around a beer after a day of skiing,  this is what drives me the most in my job.

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